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What does a business mean to me? it’s about doing something I’m proud of – that sense of achievement. That feeling of success is the real reason why I do it.

As a passionate entrepreneur, I started my own business in 2015 at 48 (see, there is no age limit to start doing what you love). Since then, I've helped over a thousand people turn their ideas and dreams into successful businesses with my 20 years of business management experience and a drive to help others.

My motivation comes from the desire to create something meaningful and the prospect of having the freedom to shape my destiny and make a difference in people's lives.

Throughout my career, I saw many opportunities to make a positive impact. I wanted to take advantage of them by building something that could help other migrants who, like me, decided to undertake in another country. I knew I had the skills, knowledge and passion needed to run a business, but of course, there are always doubts; what if it doesn't work out? I was afraid, but I didn't let that fear stop me. The moment when I allowed the dreams to rise higher than the doubts, that's when they became real.

Ultimately, entrepreneurship is about more than just making money. It's about using my skills and resources to create something that helps others and makes a lasting impact, whether helping to build a product, solving a problem, or inspiring others to reach their goals.


Syane Macedo

Business Advisor

"Starting a business is not just about creating something new, it's about creating a legacy and a story worth telling. It's about having the courage to take a risk, the determination to overcome challenges, and the passion to turn your vision into a reality."

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