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We offer personalized and comprehensive support to assist businesses in reaching their goals and overcoming challenges. My approach combines industry knowledge and practical experience to provide objective advice, strategic insights, and ongoing support.

With my tailored approach and continued support, you can count on me as a true partner in your success.

Business Connect is a dedicated, personalised and confidential NSW Government program. It provides advice, events and resources to help you start, run, adapt or grow your small business.

Business Connect advisors are independent professionals with a wealth of experience running their businesses, qualifications in a relevant business-related field and extensive advisory expertise. To ensure your business succeeds, don't go it alone - get the expert advice you need through Business Connect.


  • Retail Trade

  • Accommodation and Food Services

  • Wholesale Services

  • Administration and Support Services

  • Education and Training

  • Health Care and Social Assistance

  • Other Services


Get trained by industry-leading entrepreneurship experts to mentor you towards success. Land your dream business, create something extraordinary, achieve short-term success and build the skills and confidence needed for long-term growth. And have fun doing it. 

Online Courses (Coming Soon)

With a focus on real-world application and practical insights, you can trust that our courses will help you make meaningful progress towards your business goals. 
The courses are flexible, accessible, and cost-effective, allowing you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home. Whether you're looking to build new skills, stay up-to-date on industry trends, or gain a competitive edge, our online courses have you covered.

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